Level-It is currently only available in New Zealand at this stage, however we are looking to expand into Australia shortly.

If you are inquiring from another country and are interested in our product, feel free to send us a message below.

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The Level-It is the ROBUST and HEAVY-DUTY addition to any tradies or DIYer’s arsenal. The Level-It allows you to keep your ladder level in almost any situation.

The non slip grips make sure the Level-It stays where it’s meant to be, and it’s easy to use design and PORTABILITY ensure that you are only minutes away from a perfectly level ladder, saving time and keeping you safe.

Developed and tested on the job by top tradesmen, the Level-It is designed to be SIMPLE TO SET UP AND USE, easily meeting  the challenge of any levelling job.

The Level-It has under-gone rigorous testing to ensure that it meets all the quality and strength standards that are required in everyday use, and it’s RECYCLABLE, which makes it good for the planet.

The Level-It does not attach any  extensions onto your ladder, and requires no specialised tools to use. You use it when needed, saving weight and avoiding the bulkier solutions that are currently on the market.

Level-It Gallery

Specifications: Level-It dimensions: Height 240mm x Width 150mm x Length 820mm x Weight 5 kg

Supported terrains: Slope, stairs, soil and road. 

Safety Tested and Patented in New Zealand, Australia and the UK

New Zealand patent no: 705 988

Australian patent no: 201 6201569

UK patent no: GB2538354


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