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The ladder leveller came about after years of propping ladders on sloping ground using inadequate blocks of wood, bricks or anything that could be used to get the ladder level. Designed by a Builder who spent five years building and testing prototypes. The result is an easy to set up and use, heavy duty, robust, portable leveller that can be used with any number of ladders, from standard step ladders, extension ladders through to the new multi-purpose ladders. The LEVEL-IT ladder leveller can also be used in a stairwell or on steps to create a strong level platform for a ladder. Independently tested by the Building Element Testing Laboratory Ltd, BEAL says “The ladder leveller is a reliable means for providing a stable platform on which to stand a ladder on sloping ground, provided the manufacturers instructions are followed.”

The ladder leveller is the perfect addition to any tradies or DIY guru’s arsenal. The ladder leveller allows you to keep your ladder level in almost any situation.

The non slip grips make sure the ladder leveller stays where it’s meant to be no matter what the conditions, and it’s easy to use design and portability make it so that you are only minutes away from a perfectly level ladder ensuring that time on the job will not be impacted.

Developed and tested in the field with some of the top tradesmen in the country, the ladder leveller has been designed to meet the need any leveling job or slope.

The ladder leveller is so unique in its design and construction, that new testing methods were created in order to ensure that the ladder leveller meets all the quality and strength requirements of everyday use.

The ladder is unique in the fact that it does not add any bulky extrusions onto your ladder, and requires no specialized tools to use. You only use when you need it, saving weight and manoeuvrability of bulkier solutions that are currently on the market.

Ladder Leveller dimensions are as follows:

  • Height 240mm
  • Width 150mm
  • Length 820mm
  • Weight 5 kg
Ladder Levellers are made to order.

Safety tested and patented in New Zealand and Australia

New Zealand patent no: 705 988
Australian patent no: 201 6201569

English patent pending



Beal appraised 1811

Get your own ladder leveller today for $350 NZD gst inc + $20 shipping & handling


The ladder leveller is currently only available in New Zealand at this stage , however we are looking to expand into Australia  shortly.

If your inquiring from another country and are interested in our product, feel free to send us a message below.  


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